Review: Mary – by Vladimir Nabokov

Synopsis: Alone in his room in a dirty Berlin pension, Ganin reminisces about Mary, his first love. He fantasizes that a fellow lodger’s wife, due to arrive the next day, is his long-lost sweetheart and plots how they will run away together, leaving everything else far behind …       Title: Mary Author: Vladimir … Continue reading Review: Mary – by Vladimir Nabokov

Chronicle of A Death Foretold – by Gabriel García Márquez

Synopsis: Santiago Nasar is brutally murdered in a small town by two brothers. All the townspeople knew it was going to happen - including the victim. But nobody did anything to prevent the killing. Twenty seven years later, a man arrives in town to try and piece together the truth from the contradictory testimonies of … Continue reading Chronicle of A Death Foretold – by Gabriel García Márquez

The Tiny Wife – by Andrew Kaufman

Synopsis: A robber charges into a bank with a loaded gun, but instead of taking any money he steals an item of sentimental value from each person. Once he has made his escape, strange things start to happen to the victims. A tattoo comes to life, a husband turns into a snowman, a baby starts to … Continue reading The Tiny Wife – by Andrew Kaufman