7 Perks to being a Bookworm

Quite often, I’ll get asked why I enjoy reading so much – what does it have to offer than, say, a Netflix series, or a more sociable activity?

Why would I waste my time with books…

Other than wanting to turn into a praying mantis and bite their heads off, these kinds of questions make me want to weep at a world that creates monsters people who ask these questions.

I mean, each to their own, but if you can’t understand the positives of reading books, then there is something very wrong with you. Fact.

So, to all those who have ask, or are considering asking – don’t. Read this post instead, go to your closest bookshop/library, acquire a book, and join our revolution.


1. You’ll never be bored

Stuck on the train?

Can’t sleep?

There’s nothing on TV?

It’s raining outside?

Bookworms need not fear, for there is always a book nearby to get your teeth into.

2. Strangers to friends in seconds

You meet someone new and, after the initial awkward exchange of pleasantries – the weather, the commute etc. – books will inevitably come up. And if you have books in common, then you have found a friend for life.

3. Your home will always be beautiful

It doesn’t matter how much of a slob you are, if you’re a bookworm there will always be one part of your home that is perfect – the bookshelf.

4. Your addiction is a healthy one

Whether it’s food, fashion, food, or something a bit more sinister – addictions tend not to be incredibly good for you or your wallet.

But books are. They feed your imagination, improve your spelling, vocabulary – your mind in general. They’re also relatively cheap… unless you’re like me and have a thing for pretty hardbacks.

5. You live a thousand lives

Non-bookworms live just one life – and only if they truly live it. Bookworms, however, have lived thousands of lives (depending on how many books you have under your belt). You’ve travelled, fallen in love, fought in wars – all from the comfort of your favourite reading spot.

6. You get free therapy

You’ll never need to pay for therapy. Hell, you don’t even need to make mistakes before you learn from them – you’ve already learnt from the character’s mistakes you’ve read about.

Being forced to take on another’s opinions, thoughts, and feelings teaches gives you empathy you might not otherwise have learned. It’ll also teach you to look at your life a bit more objectively.

7. There is a quote for literally every situation in life

“Books are a uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King

Need I say more?



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