There’s a Reading Position for Every Type of Reader

Have you ever noticed your reading habits change with each book you read?

I have. I noticed it last week. I went from a YA series to a more literary novel and… BAM! Where and how I was reading my book changed.

I read the YA snuggled up in bed, my comfy armchair – generally anywhere that was indoors.

Now I’m reading a literary novel, I find myself holed up in coffee shops, reading on the train – generally anywhere that is outdoors.

Am I ashamed to take my YA’s out?

Am I showing off only books that look impressive?

Have I become a book snob?!

I was hurt and ashamed. I had to take action.

I took a long hard look at myself and thought it through rationally – or, at least as rationally as I get.

And I realised. I don’t change my reading habits for just literary books, I do it for all genres. Each has its own effect on me and, thus, on how I read.

And it’s not just me! Everyone I’ve spoken to about this have, after some consideration, come to the same conclusion:

We read different books in different ways.

…Sounds pretty obvious, really.


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