My 2016 in Books

book-1149031_960_720It’s 2017 and, whilst everyone makes (and breaks) their new years resolutions, I can’t help but reminisce about the last year (in books. We won’t talk about what happened around the world. That, we will forget!).

In terms of bookish goals, I failed pretty miserably. Managing only 58 books out of a target of 65; borrowing zero books from the library; facing numerous reading slumps; and let’s not even get started on the multiple failed attempts at a book-buying ban.

The silver lining, however, were the books themselves. I won’t lie, I’ve read some pretty awful stuff last year. But I’ve also read more than a few incredible books – My Sister’s Bones, A Discovery of Witches, Jane Eyre, The First Fiften Lives of Harry August to name a few.

I’ve discovered audio books and have become somewhat addicted (Steven Fry as Dumbledore is one of the most magical things you’ll ever experience!). Now, with a subscription, instead of battling for enough space to hold my book on my daily commute, I can actually enjoy the books I’m reading/listening to.

I’ve also found some great book blogs (because reading/writing about books clearly isn’t enough) who have inspired me to keep going with my own. If you love reading about books as much as I do, then check these guys out:

This year, I’m setting my book challenge to 60 books, with a personal promise to buy less, borrow more, and read more non-fiction. And, looking at what I achieved last year, I think it’s time to get going!


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