An Apology from a Terrible Blogger…Again

I’ve been a terrible blogger recently and haven’t blogged at all. Life has once again thwarted my blogging efforts…or at least that’s the excuse I keep telling myself. I can’t help but stop and question how exactly life gets in the way?

In my case, life hasn’t gotten in the way, a large number of new activities has. I’ve started drawing again; developed a social life with the summer (or England’s attempt at one); work is insane; and I’ve gotten lazy.

It takes a huge amount of effort to have a blog; to read all the books and put enough thought into a review to make it worthwhile. Nowadays, I read my favourite blogs knowing exactly how much work goes into it. How do you guys do it? (no seriously, how?!)

I’ve also experienced a terrible reading slump; every book I picked up I didn’t enjoy but felt I had to finish. Consequently, each new book is started with trepidation and a growing desire to slump in front of the TV instead. I tend not to write negative reviews so most of the books I did manage to get through I couldn’t even blog about.

But fear not! This is not a rubbish goodbye message (I’m terrible at goodbye’s) or the end… it is (hopefully) a new beginning. I’ve managed to get out of my reading slump thanks to Susan Ee’s brilliant trilogy, and out of my blogging slump thanks to a birthday gift that has completely revolutionised my life.

The book journal.


Yes people, I got a book to write in…about books! The must-have for any blogger. My bag now always contains a paperback, an e-reader and this book journal (I do realise how ridiculous I’ve become, but I don’t care!).


Just look at it! There’s an A-Z of book’s I’ve read and can write my thought’s on – never again will I start writing a review and forget what the book is about. There’s even stars at the bottom for me to colour in.








I can plan non-review related blog posts; jot down recommendations and…. there’s stickers!!!

If anything can get me out of my blogging slump, this can. Watch out world, I’m back.

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