Review: Broken Monsters – by Lauren Beukes

076686-FC50Synopsis: Detective Gabi Versado has hunted down many monsters during her eight years in Homicide. She’s seen stupidity, corruption and just plain badness. But she’s never seen anything like this.

Clayton Broom is a failed artist, and a broken man. Life destroyed his plans, so he’s found new dreams – of flesh and bone made disturbingly, beautifully real.

Detroit is the decaying corpse of the American Dream. Motor-city. Murder-city. And home to a killer opening doors into the dark heart of humanity.

A killer who wants to make you whole again…

Title: Broken Monsters
Author: Lauren Beukes
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 528
ISBN: 9780007464593

Rating: 3stars

I’ve turned into somewhat of a thriller fan; after reading Bird Box, I’ve been craving my next fix. Thankfully, I got my hands on Broken Monsters and settled into reading on a gloomy Friday night.

I have to admit, it’s pretty slow to start and focuses a lot on the background and set up. But about a quarter of the way through things start to pick up and you can’t help but get lost in the grim, graphitti-filled streets of modern-day Detroit

There is no mystery here, you know who-dun-it from the beginning; it’s the why you’re concerned with. Unfortunately, it’s also the very thing that left me wanting at the end. I felt the supernatural elements around Clayton were under-developed; there was no explanation as to what “it” wanted, how “it” got to Clayton and how “it” got here. By the end I was frustrated and a bit bored of waiting to find out what was going on.

All in all, Broken Monsters, is a good and quick read – granted, it didn’t keep me awake at night but was intriguing enough for me to race through all 500 pages.

5 thoughts on “Review: Broken Monsters – by Lauren Beukes

  1. For the Love of the Page says:

    I’m very interested in reading this book! I haven’t been able to find it at the library though, so I got The Shining Girls instead. It seems like I’d like her writing.

    I’ll say though, Bird Box definitely gave me a book hangover as well. I just wanted more. I don’t usually read books like that so I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it!

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