March TBR

MarchTBRThere are quite a few books I want to get through this month. OK, scrap that – there are quite a few books I want to get through in life but it seems that there are many that I would like to get though immediately.

To make matters worse (or better, depending on your level of geekiness), I’ve joined the Classics Club. Yep. Because I don’t have enough challenges already – I have set myself 50 classic books to read in the next 5 years (see the list here). I’m hoping that I can stick to my 1 classic a month challenge to help me along with this.

There are also tons of really incredible books out in the last few months that I have been dying to get my hands on. And if that wasn’t enough; I’m determined to finish my Harry Potter Re-Readathon.

All in all – my extremely hopeful TBR for this month stands as:

The Classic:

Sylvia Plath – the Bell Jar (chosen using The Classic Club’s lucky spin number for February)

The TBR Jar:

Mark Zusak – The Book Thief (just in time for the film!)

Other Books:

J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Veronica Roth – Divergent
Robert Dinsdale – Gingerbread

I realise 6 books could actually be seen as a low estimate in comparison to how much I’ve read in the last two months but I am actually planning to have a life in March and I’m feeling a bit of a reading slump coming on. Fingers crossed I can get through all of these… and maybe a few more!

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