Beautiful Books: A Novel Cure – The A–Z of Literary Remedies

If you didn’t already know; I have a serious soft spot for beautiful books. And by soft spot I mean worrying addiction to them. If I see one, I have to have it.

So when I saw this book at the last stop of my Christmas book haul, I fell a little bit in love. OK, that’s a complete lie – I fell head over heels, can’t breathe, may have squealed … definitely squealed – very loudly, in public; kind of love.

The outside gorgeous in every way, the lining is stunning and the inside is full of beautiful pages.

Picture 004 Picture Picture 002

To make matters worse (well … technically worse for my addiction); this is an incredible book. Have you ever run out of books to read?…. Hmm… that was probably the worst question to put to you – you are all likely to be as bookish as I am; let’s try again. Have you ever been stuck for what to read next? Have lots of ‘potential’ TBR’s but don’t feel in the mood for any? Not quite sure what you’re in the mood for?

A Novel Cure is your answer; it is an A–Z of literary cures.  It covers everything from ‘accused, being’ (the cure of which is True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey) to ‘vanity’ (try Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell).

It even has a page dedicated to being a compulsive book buyer… this book was made for me!

Picture 001

I know the standard ‘coffee table books’ are reserved for portrait books, celebrity autobiographies or the latest copy of Vogue (or Top Gear if you’re anything like me); but A Novel Cure has topped them all. It is the essential ‘coffee table’ read for us book nerds. If I had a coffee table, this would be on it; I might even buy a coffee table just to put it on. But, for now, I will have to make do with carry it around everywhere I go.

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