February TBR & The Harry Potter Re-Read


It’s February! And you all know what that means… Yes? No? Well if you don’t, it’s the month for the Harry Potter re-read. Can you tell I’m excited? I finally completed my collection – look how pretty they are!

I did have had to break my book buying ban to complete the collection (don’t give me that look!); but I’ve started the ban up again. I’m officially banned from buying books until I have read 25 of the ones I have – let’s see how long this one lasts!

I’m keeping my TBR as short as possible this month, as I really do want to get through as many Harry Potter books as possible. So, without further ado:

The Classic:

Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451

The TBR Jar pick:

Conveniently, it’s the same book as the classic – Fahrenheit 451

Other Books:

J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter Books 1–7 (or as many as I can manage)
Nathan Filer – The Shock of the Fall

There are other books I want to get through, but I figure 9 books is asking a lot already so I will hold off on them till next month. All I need is another read-a-thon and an unlimited supply of tea..

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