Bout of Books – The Halfway Mark

bout of books

It’s Thursday, which means we’re halfway through bout of books! Check out my list of goals here.

Updates so far are:


Books Read: 0
Currently Reading: Wolf Hall – by Hilary Mantel
Pages Read: 106
Goals Achieved: 0

Thoughts: Wow. this books is big! I started the read-a-thon 100 pages in and its a hell of a job getting through. Haven’t managed my reading target of 150 pages but will hopefully make that up further in the week. Absolutely loving Wolf Hall though; actually wish I skipped this book so I could take my time with it… c’est la vie.


Books Read: 0
Currently Reading: Wolf Hall – by Hilary Mantel
Pages Read: 153
Goals Achieved: 0

Thoughts: Had a crazy day at work and feeling a fever coming on so not been extremely productive read-a-thon wise evenI did manage to reach my reading target. Will hopefully feel better tomorrow.


Books read: 2
Wolf Hall – by Hilary Mantel
Geek Girl: Model Misfit – by Holly Smale
Currently Reading: Mary – by Vladimir Nabokov
Pages Read: 678
Goals Achieved: 2

Thoughts: Stayed at home today due to illness – managed a lot of reading even though I slept for most of the day. Wolf Hall was a difficult read, but definitely worth it. It also covered my ‘read a book over 500 pages’ goal and ‘read a book I’ve had for a long time’ goal. 2 down, 3 to go!. As for Model Misfit, it was the perfect pick-me-up read. Starting on Nabakov’s novella tomorrow morning.

Total So Far…

Pages Read: 937
Goals Completed: 2

  • Read a book over 500 pages long
  • Read a book I’ve had for a long time
  • Read a non-fiction book
  • Read at least 3 books in total
  • Read 150 pages a day (haven’t reached target every day, but am ahead of target in total)

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