2014 Reading Resolutions

Last year, I only had one book-related New Year’s resolution – to read double what I’d read from the year before. This year, I’m taking it up a notch … or five.


1. Read 60 books
I know other bloggers have set themselves targets that are much more impressive (100+ books to read) but I’m attempting to be realistic here. I only managed 47 books last year; the likelihood that I’ll push that up to 100 in one go is minimal. I’m going for 60 in the hope that I’ll actually make it and, maybe even beat it.

2. Read one classic each month
I’m addicted to the beautiful Penguin Clothbound Classics collection – so much so that I’ve already gotten my hands on 10 books. I’m not so good at actually reading them, however, so this resolution will hopefully solve that problem.

3. Read one book from the TBR jar each month
There are countless books on my shelves that I haven’t read; it’s shameful, I know. I seem to acquire books at a faster rate than I can read them. In a vain attempt to get through the backlog; I’m bringing the trusty TBR jar back into business. I’ve put in 20 books and will promise to try to read at least one a month.

4. Use the library more often
I buy a silly amount of books, many of which I will only read once before I pass it on to a friend or charity. Even if I do decide to keep the books, I’m seriously running out of bookshelf space – I’ve resorted to piling books to ridiculous heights. I figure that, even though going to a library might increase my ‘to read’ list, it will at least decrease the volume of books on my shelves, and help support the libraries, and save me some pennies in the process.

5. Read at 10 books from the Rory Reading Challenge
I spotted this on Lucybird’s Book Blog and couldn’t resist getting involved. It’s a list of all the books mentioned in the Gilmore Girls that has been set as a challenge. It looks like a pretty good reading list so I’ll try and get through it…eventually.

6. Read at 10 books from the 1001 Reading Challenge
Seeing as my TBR list couldn’t be any bigger anyway, I figured why not add another 1001!


I’ve also got a few blog related resolutions:

1. Spend 15 minutes a day reading/commenting on other book blogs
I love reading book blogs; they are what inspired me to start my own. But since I began one for myself I haven’t made the time to read many updates. Hopefully this will get me back into the habit.

2. Write book reviews as soon as I’ve finished them
I started this blog about ¾ of the way through my reading list; so I had a huge backlog of posts to get through. If you read a lot of books (and I’m talking more than 3 a month), then you’ll completely understand that remembering the intricacies of a novel you read about a month ago is pretty difficult and, actually quite dull. I’m hoping I’ll be much better this year, as I’m now up to date (sort of); but will set myself this resolution just in case I start to get lazy.

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