December Wrap Up & My 2013 Reading Challenge


Well, I think it’s safe to say it’s been a pretty hectic year! I somehow now have two blogs, have travelled Tanzania, Thailand and Cambodia and still (somehow) manage to work a full-time job. The month of December has been a particularly busy month, what with Christmas do’s, catch-ups, dinner parties, shopping for presents etc. there was hardly any time to read.

Books Read:

George Orwell – 1984
Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings
Susan EE – Angelfall

Currently Reading:

Hilary Mantel – Wolf Hall

Total Pages Read: 1040
Total pages read this year: 17,371

Quick Overviews:

George Orwell – 1984

One of the most incredible and harrowing reads I’ve read. Ever. Definitely something I would recommend again and again.

Charles Dickens – A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings

Nothing can get you into Christmas than a Dickens novel; this beautiful edition has stunning illustrations and other heart-warming stories such as The Haunted Man.

Susan EE – Angelfall

One of the best YA novels I have read this year; it’s gruesome, gripping and unputdownable. A definite must for any Hunger Games fans.

The 2013 Reading Challenge:

My reading challenge this year was quite simple – double the amount of books I read in comparison to last year. My target was 44 books and I managed to get through 47.  OK, so in comparison to some other blogs out there, my target was pretty weak but seeing as I only managed 22 the year before I think it’s pretty decent.

44 books.

17,371 pages.

We’ll see what I can manage for 2014.

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