November Book Haul

So… remember when I made a promise not to buy any more books?…. Yeah, that didn’t work so well. I have been better, in that I’ve bought fewer books – however, I technically still broke the rule. BUT, as you will see below, I deny any fault in purchasing these books.

A few of these were bought because of the book club I’ve joined so I actually had no other choice. Is this an excuse? Maybe. Do I care? No. Will I run with it? Definitely.

Books bought for the book club so far are:
Edward St. Aubyn – Never Mind
Arthur Koestler – Darkness at Noon

Ok, so 2 is not so bad right? In fact, I’d say it was perfectly acceptable. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop there. After reading Never Mind, I decided I had to find out what else happened in this traumatic story… so I bought the collection. This also means that I now have two copies of the first book, but that’s OK because it was cheaper to buy the collection so it’s allowed, right?! (I have a feeling this is another excuse – oh well.)

So that tally’s the book total up to 7:
Edward St. Aubyn – Never Mind, Mothers Milk, Bad News, At Last, Some Hope

So that’s technically still kind of OK. But whilst I was buying Darkness at Noon, I was also reading a brilliant book review of World After by Susan Ee. It was so beautifully  written that I was convinced to buy the first book; which I did.

All in all, I bought 8 books, 2 of which were for a book club, 5 of which were the fault of the person who chose Never Mind in the book club; and 1 of which was the fault of Stacy from The Prettybooks. Which means that none of these purchases were my fault. And there we have it – a perfectly logical explanation of my innocence…

… Yeah, I agree. I’m not falling for it either. I’m a terrible person who’s addicted to books. I’m hoping whilst I’m travelling I’ll be better… I guess only time will tell.

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