Delilah – by Eleanor de Jong

DelilahSynopsis: Maligned as the courtesan who revealed the mighty Samson’s secret for money, Delilah has become synonymous with treachery. But behind the myth is a tale far more tragic…

From the moment they met, there was a fire in their relationship, with Samson pitted against Delilah’s family. But Samson soon develops an overwhelming passion for Delilah; entranced by her beauty and passionate nature.

Meanwhile the Israelites and the Philistines are in a state of constant conflict, with Samson a seemingly unbeatable warrior. The Philistines are desperate to learn the secret behind Samson’s power and enrol Delilah as a pawn to bring him down. Driven by misplaced anger, Delilah agrees to use her wiles to discover the secret of his strength.

But Delilah finds that Samson is far from the ogre that she had assumed. But a sequence of events have been set in motion which both of them are powerless to stop.

Title: Delilah
Author: Eleanor De Jong
Publisher: Avon, HarperCollins:
Pages: 384
ISBN: 9781847562388


I am a book addict. There! I said it! Some would think this was a good thing, as I work in publishing, but in actual fact it’s terrible! For every book I finish, I buy three more. My reading list is endless; my bookshelves are packed full and my Kindle has about 200 books in it that are in the ‘to read’ category.

Delilah, by Eleanor de Jong, was one of those books that I had seen and decided I had to have. I am a sucker for good covers and couldn’t help myself.  Unfortunately, as is the case with about 60 other books, it’s stayed on my bookshelf for over a year.

I have to admit the only reason why the book came off the shelf was because I thought it would be a quick read that I could pass on once I’d finished.  I’m ashamed to say I didn’t have the highest hopes for it.

Delilah was, in fact, a quick read, but in a good way; the plot is fast-paced, smooth and very hard to put down. Based on the tale of Samson and Delilah, Eleanor de Jong gives a new spin to the biblical story. She takes us to a different time and place with ease, creating colourful characters in a beautiful setting.

Unfortunately for me, the book is now on the ‘to keep’ pile of my bookshelf until further notice. I can only hope that, at some point, I will learn to stop buying books until I’ve finished reading the ones I already have. But where’s the fun in that?

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